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Core Training

Let's talk about abs or better yet, core training. First of all, training your abs only works your abdominal muscles. Training your core works everything from your hips to your armpits including the abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back muscles. From a longevity stand point, it is much more beneficial to train your core rather than just your rectus abdominis (the abs in the front). The group of muscles that make up your core are stability muscles. Which means these muscles are always firing. Always working to stabilize your upper body and keep you upright. Therefore, you can train your core everyday. However, if I train my core really hard one day I will give a days rest before I work on It again. It is important to have a strong core for many reasons: balance, stabilize your spine, prevent low back injury, and functional movements in sports are just a few examples. Moral of the story. Don't skip core day.

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