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Each session will include aspects of fitness that will best fit your needs
Building lean muscle and a strong core is the building blocks of functional training.  Learning proper technique and form is critical when training.  Proper form will ensure the longevity of your body.  Years of experience has given me the knowledge to be in the best shape of life.  Let me pass this knowledge to you.  
One on one training.  Want to reach your aesthetic potential?  Need help with form?  Don't know what exercises to do and when to do them?   Let's design an exercise program that fits your needs.   As an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehabilitation, I've been designing and implementing exercise programs for years.   
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What you do at the gym starts your journey to health and what you do in the kitchen finishes it.   Eating healthy is the most vital part to your exercise routine.  The saying "you are what you eat" is very true.   If you want to be lean you have to eat lean!    

Most people think that if you want to lose weight you have to do tons of cardio.  Yes, cardio is a crucial part of fitness.  However, a combination of a healthy diet and various types of exercise will help you reach your goals.
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