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"David is hands down one of the best trainers in the Bay area. He helped me push my training and dial in my nutrition to get more out of my body at 40 years old than I did at 20. David brings experience, energy, and a positive smiling attitude to every session. He follows up with advice and planned routines, so you get his expertise even after your session. 

Whether you are looking for a new routine, some professional training advice, or to just to look fantastic on the beach this summer, Dave is your guy. It's been worth every penny for me, and the results on the field and in the mirror speak for themselves.​"

Nick M.

"Deciding to get back into the gym after having a baby was intimidating to say the least, but deciding to work with David was everything I could ask for. He is professional, yet personable and more than a trainer, but also a motivator. He inspired me to make the necessary changes in order to achieve my health goals and keeps me motivated and committed to my goals. He is not only helping me get back to my pre-baby body; he is inspiring me to strive for better! Being intimidated is history...being strong and confident is MY STORY!"

Rechelle L.

"David is an exceptional athlete and fitness trainer! If you appreciate a personal trainer who is patient and methodical in their approach while leading you towards achieving maximum results, David is the right person.​"

Christopher A.

"David is the real deal! Very professional yet fun to train with. He's very knowledgeable in both working out and diet! When I met David 3  years ago I was around 25% body fat and not too healthy in general. Last year I was down to 8.5%, I feel so much better and much healthier  He's given me so much help and motivation, I owe a lot of it to him."​

Bryan H.

"There are no words. David Janke is a true master of personal training. I have worked with 100+ professionals over the past decade. As a trainer of trainers I must say I refer to few exercise physiologists as "teacher" but D. Janke is a true teacher of mine. For years Dave has been a personal trainer to heart attack and stroke victims, while simultaneously winning the SF Master's Physique Championships! If you're interested in transforming with an inspirational individual, look no further than David!"

Blake H.

"Having access to David makes the path to your fitness goals as short as possible. Injured? No problem, fixing you is what he DOES. Trying to get your diet straight? David makes it simple. Want to take your physique to the next level? You won't find a more knowledgeable partner. David is a rare trainer with an incredible experience base that lets his clients work around their limitations. I trust him 100% to understand my goals, help me make a plan and push me to execute it.

For me, remaining injury free in the gym is a serious obstacle. Too many times, I've been making great progress on my own, only to be sidelined by one of many old injuries. David's advice for overcoming these is always on point and has made the difference for me."

Erick B.

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